New: Oil Grazer M3 – no more excuses, perfectly maintained cooling lubricant

New: Oil Grazer M3 - no more excuses, perfectly maintained cooling lubricant - nieuw oil grazer m3 intro 800x354
Good news for the machining industry: there is a revolutionary new skimmer for cooling lubricant on the market! The Hebemann company from Haaksbergen has worked with companies from the metalworking industry to completely redesign the oil skimmer. The key design principle, apart from efficient skimming of the cooling lubricant, was ease of use in the normal daily working environment. The result is an innovative design with a new method of skimming. Flexible, to service numerous cooling lubricant tanks. Thanks to the Oil Grazer M3 there is no more excuse for not having perfectly maintained your cooling lubricant.


The importance of properly maintaining the cooling lubricant is known to practically every company in the machining industry. Over time, tramp oil forms a layer on the cooling lubricant, resulting in the growth of bacteria and moulds.
The problems this leads to should not be underestimated: deterioration of the quality of the emulsion, health complaints for employees, reduced process quality, rejection of products, higher costs due to more frequent replacement of cooling lubricants and reduced machine life, just to mention a few. The use of a skimmer is often seen as the best solution for this.

Nevertheless, despite the use of different types of skimmers, these problems continue to occur at many companies. Among other things, the supposedly beneficial skimmers often turn out to be a source of irritation in practice. Lots of cooling lubricant is lost, the equipment is too inflexible, it requires regular maintenance or, in some cases, it simply stops working. Portable skimmers are often not user-friendly, both when it comes to moving them and in daily use. Moreover, the many parts often make cleaning complicated and time-consuming. While these difficulties are certainly not a valid excuse for allowing problems to develop with the cooling lubricant, that they do lead to problems is understandable.

The Oil Grazer M3 was developed specifically to eliminate all these problems. It’s a completely new, progressive concept that is based on flexibility, speed, effectiveness, ease of use and quality.
The result is a highly mobile skimmer with quick couplings that can be quickly moved from one cooling lubricant tank to another. In addition, thanks to the powerful suction, each tank is completely cleaned in no time and the skimmer can be used with several machines daily. In addition, the unique separation method in combination with an intelligent skim program ensures a very effective skimming process. This also makes the use of the skimmer very easy, because the Oil Grazer M3 has exactly one control button. All other control functions are handled by the advanced skimmer itself.
In addition to the functional design, all components have also been carefully tested and are of high quality. A proven Siemens PLC monitors all processes, and the powerful diaphragm pump ensures constant operation. The Oil Grazer M3 is a reliable solution, now and in the future.

To ensure efficient operation, Hebemann developed a new method of skimming in close consultation with companies in the machining industry. This method is based on the smart use of gravity to separate oil from cooling water. The use of three steps with multiple compartments guarantees virtually complete separation. The purified cooling lubricant is pumped back to the cooling lubricant tank, and only the contaminated oil is discharged. After all, cooling lubricant is costly.

The Oil Grazer M3 draws in the liquid through a new modular mechanism: the pick-up system. This system provides constant suction and automatically adjusts to the liquid level of the cooling lubricant tank. This results in very efficient removal of the oil layer from the liquid. The diaphragm pump in the Oil Grazer M3 provides high surface flow and thus better conditions to prevent bacterial growth. The skimmer works very quickly and therefore does not have to be continuously connected to a single cooling lubricant tank. Since each cooling lubricant tank can be fitted with its own pick-up system with quick couplings, connecting and disconnecting the Oil Grazer M3 takes just seconds.

The Oil Grazer M3 is also an intelligent machine. For example, the skim program not only ensures quick and complete cleaning of the cooling lubricant tank but also adapts the operation and energy consumption to the situation. The whole skimming process is constantly monitored, and an advanced microcontroller recognizes and resolves any problems that may develop. For example, when the oil container is full, the machine stops automatically, so no more overflows.

The design of the Oil Grazer M3 is not only unique but also very functional. Due to the use of a rotationally moulded housing with rounded corners and smooth surfaces, the skimmer is quick and easy to clean. And the chosen design means that the skimmer is easily movable. In fact, the Oil Grazer M3 has an ergonomically designed handle especially for this purpose.

Following a period of intensive development and testing, Hebemann is now proud to present the Oil Grazer M3. The advanced skimmer has been developed and designed together with various companies from the machining industry to meet all the real-world requirements. Partly for this reason, the Oil Grazer M3 is a skimmer that really convinces. A skimmer that separates the oil better, works faster, is easy to maintain and is highly mobile. No more excuses… from now on your coolant is always perfectly maintained!

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