Oil Grazer M3 Oil Skimmer

Cooling lubricant is costly. So extending the useful life quickly pays off. With a skimmer you can considerably extend the service life. Without maintenance, the service life will rarely exceed six weeks. With the effective Hebemann skimmer it can be as high as several years. The Hebemann skimmer can be connected to a cooling lubricant tank with a quick coupling in a flash. Because the skimmer works quickly and flawlessly, you can easily clean several reservoirs, one after the other, with this skimmer. We already said it: cooling lubricant is costly. That is why the Hebemann skimmer separates the cooling lubricant and the oil very carefully. Only the oil is discharged.

Simple design

Hebemann are famous for their well thought-out designs. That can also be seen in this skimmer. The construction of the skimmer has been kept as simple as possible. The Hebemann consists of an upper bin and a frame that can easily be separated. Then all parts on the frame are directly accessible and extremely easy to replace, should that ever be necessary. There is certainly no need for technical or electrical knowledge to do this. With quick couplings, the parts can be removed quickly and effortlessly. You can conveniently order new components directly from the manufacturer. Because the filter used is much larger than the standard in the market, it requires less frequent replacement. This increases the runtime and reduces the running costs.

Simple operation

The Hebemann skimmer is extremely easy to operate: it has just one control button. This means anyone can turn the skimmer on and off. The skimmer also has three LEDs that indicate the status and report when there are problems. The Hebemann skimmer can recognize developing situations and prevent problems itself. The advanced microcontroller constantly checks the operation and gives a clear indication when problems occur. And the skimmer is able to resolve some potential problems all on its own. For example, the Hebemann stops when the oil reservoir is full or when the cooling lubricant reservoir is about to overflow. To prevent the skimmer from having to stop due to a full oil reservoir, Hebemann has made this reservoir as large as possible.

" This skimmer will clean the entire tank within one hour "

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High quality components

Hebemann opted for a Siemens PLC as controller. The PLC controllers from Siemens have more than proved themselves in terms of flexibility and reliability. Among other things, the PLC controls the very powerful pump. The powerful operation of the pump ensures rapid cleaning as well as, in combination with the inventive pick-up system, a considerably higher surface flow. This greatly reduces bacterial growth. The housing of the skimmer has only rounded corners. By using rotational moulding during production, a completely smooth housing could be achieved that can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Perfect operation

The Hebemann skimmer has a suction unit that can extract the coolant from your tank without picking up any air. Moreover, the diaphragm pump provides high surface flow and thus better conditions to prevent bacterial growth. The cooling lubricant is now effectively separated from the contaminating oil in three steps. By constantly allowing the floating oil to “run over”, the cooling lubricant becomes increasingly pure.

Directly from the manufacturer

The Hebemann skimmer is delivered directly from the manufacturer. Without the intervention of dealers. Short lines mean: a better price, complete and accurate information and perfect service. Hebemann have a handle on the entire chain: they designed and built the skimmer themselves. Contact with the market is therefore also direct. This means that Hebemann can always incorporate all the market input directly into their designs. You will see for yourself. Because the Hebemann skimmer is perfectly matched to the daily practice at metalworking companies.

Unique separation method

The separation method used in the Hebemann Oil Grazer M3 oil skimmer is truly unique. Oil and cooling lubricant are separated in three steps, resulting in progressive purification. There is no skimmer that better separates oil and cooling lubricant. The skimmer has no moving parts, except for the pump.

Easy to move

The Hebemann Oil Grazer M3 works quickly and therefore certainly does not have to be continuously connected to the cooling lubricant tank. Because it does not need to be permanently mounted on the tank, thanks to the flexible connection couplings, you can use the skimmer to remove oil from several tanks. That is why the Hebemann oil skimmer has been made highly mobile. This results in considerable savings too. Specifically because it is intended to be moved frequently this skimmer has an ergonomically designed handle.

Less frequent replacement of cooling lubricant

The Hebemann Oil Grazer M3 ensures that the cooling lubricant in your tank is kept in optimum condition. On the one hand because the contaminating oil is removed very effectively, and on the other hand because the well thought-out design also greatly reduces bacterial growth.

Easily accessible

The top of the Hebemann Oil Grazer M3 can be easily removed. All the parts on the frame can then be reached and replaced directly. This is very easy thanks to the quick couplings. You buy the replacement parts quickly and directly from the manufacturer.

Easy to clean and maintain

The Hebemann Oil Grazer M3 is used in an environment where oil and dirt are a given. That is why the oil skimmer is designed for easy cleaning. All parts are easy to reach and the housing is rounded at all the corners so that contaminants have nowhere to become trapped or accumulate. Well thought-out design.

Extremely simple operation

The Hebemann Oil Grazer M3 has exactly one button. It is used to turn the advanced oil skimmer on and off. All other control functions are handled by the Hebemann Oil Grazer M3 itself, thanks to the integration of an industry proven PLC. And connecting the skimmer to your cooling lubricant tank is also quick and easy with the help of the quick couplings.

Unique design

Practically every mobile skimmer consists of a trolley on which individual parts have been assembled. The Hebemann Oil Grazer M3 oil skimmer is different. The well thought-out design has resulted in a compact housing containing all the integrated components. This is robust and convenient.

Clear indication if problems occur

A proven Siemens PLC monitors all the processes, and should any action be required on your part the Hebemann skimmer indicates this via three LEDs. You know what is going on straight away and can immediately take action so that the process is not disrupted.

Dimensions and weights

79 cm
60 cm
98 cm
Weight (without liquid)
65 kg

Technical data

Operating voltage
230 V (1 PH/50 Hz)
Motor power
60 W
Total rated load
0.1 kW
Overcurrent protection
0,5 A
Sound pressure level
<70 dB
Ambient temperature
+5 tot +40 °C
Pump volume flow (normal)
2,2 l/min
Pump volume flow (boost)
5,8 l/min
Filter mesh
50 Mesh (+/- 297 micron)
Oil reservoir
5,3 L

Pick-up system short

Pick-up system normal with short tube

Pick-up system normal with long tube

Pick-up system long


A video and instructions for use of the Hebemann Oil Grazer M3 oil skimmer will be available soon.


A video and instructions for maintenance of the Hebemann Oil Grazer M3 oil skimmer will be available soon.

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