Development and production


Hebemann constantly looks into the market where it sees practical problems that it can solve with machines to be developed. The starting point here is that the machines have to deliver a fast return on investment with reliability being paramount. So the market scouts from Hebemann came also from the problems of enterprises with maintaining coolant in CNC machines. They discovered that the existing oil skimmers are not efficient, impractical or sometimes do not work at all. With this information, Hebemann has come up with a completely new design.


The company behind Hebemann has tremendous experience in both product design and the economic development and production of machines. They have chosen to design the machines in the Netherlands, in accordance with the standards that also apply to the automotive industry. All parts of machines such as the Oil Grazer are produced in Europe and then assembled by Hebemann.

Production process

Hebemann’s parent company has been active in the most demanding industries for over 50 years. They develop machines in various locations that all have one thing in common: they are designed and produced to high standards, with a strong focus on reliability.

Competitive prices

Thanks to the company’s experience in various industries, Hebemann can design and manufacture machines under optimum conditions. This experience also means that this can be done at very competitive prices, for both purchasing and production. That results in a competitive sales price.

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